Oils By Planck
Oil painting from Portraits, Zady Drinks
Zady Drinks
12x16 Oil on Canvas

Don't touch that dial! It really is just black and white. The Broward Art Guild has an annual “Black and White” Exhibition. Artists can't use any color in their works. So what better subject than an all–black cat (except for a bit of white on her stomach which she really doesn't like to show you)? Zady's a house cat – and is purrfectly happy inside so long as she can find a comfortable spot with a bit of sun coming through the window. Still, she does like to creep out back to the pool on occasion – not to swim, but to drink. The vet says it won't hurt her, and she hasn't fallen in yet, so we humor her. The exhibition judge did, too, and Zady's unusual drinking habits have now gained her a fleeting moment of fame at the Art Guild.

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